Sustainability is thinking about today in a way that does not compromise the future. Based
on this principle, Embalagens Bandeirantes understands that sustainability is not only
focused on the environment, but on all those involved in our processes. From two pillars,
we articulate actions that meet in a satisfactory way to all the public. This is taken care of with corporate responsibility.


Environmental Policy Band:

–  Respect for the environment through continuousimprovement, prevention of pollution and compliance with
environmental legislation.

–  Commitment to encourage companies to opt for packaging
that causes less impact to the environment, through the
development of solutions in corrugated packaging.

–  In addition, we focus on environmental certifications that
direct our attitudes toward the environment in which we live.

–  At Embalagens Bandeirantes you will also find:

–  ETE – Industrial Effluent Treatment Station – where all the
waste from the production is treated and destined for coprocessing.

–  Recycling of shavings – through underground belts, all the
production chips are separated and delivered to specialized
companies to reuse them in other products.

–  Selective garbage collection: Our company is equipped with
appropriate trash cans for the disposal of each type of
garbage. We promote environmental awareness with all our


Through a Sustainable Management we avoid the waste of investment, natural and
human resources as well as the emergence of unnecessary liabilities, directing the organization to a more solid future.